Composite Bonding

One of the cosmetic procedures we offer here at Parkway Dental is composite bonding. This technique is used to improve the shape of your teeth, fix cracks, and chipped teeth as well as gaps between teeth. This procedure only requires one visit unlike veneers, and it is a quick and very fast procedure to correct any imperfections and give you the beautiful smile you desire.

Composite resin is a material, which is moldable; it is placed over your tooth. Your dentist will shave off some of the enamel surface of your tooth in order to fit in the material and be molded carefully. Once your teeth have been prepared, a bonding agent will be applied and the resin will be added onto your teeth. With the use of a special light, the resin will be cured and hardened before it is polished.

Here at Parkway Dental, we count with the most professional and experienced dentists who can handle these types of jobs that require a high level of technique. As the material is placed on your teeth, the dentist then molds and shapes the resin to give your tooth a natural appearance.

If you are looking for a procedure that is a minimally invasive option, that will repair and fix your teeth quick and with no pain, composite bonding might be right for you. If you are interested in this procedure or would like to know more about it, speak to one of our dentists here at Parkway Dental. Call us at (203) 248-0011 and we will schedule your visit!

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"The Parkway Dental team is fantastic! They made my experience with them easy and worry free, their office is clean and aesthetically pleasing. The front desk ladies were not only gorgeous but very accommodating. Dr. Gomes is a wonderful dentist! I have worked as a dental assistant for years and find trusting dentists difficult because of this. However, Dr. Gomes is a Dentist I trust completely! BONUS Hablan espanol!! Genial!"


"I've known Dr Gomes for 10 yrs, very experienced, nice and honest doctor. I have had everything done to my teeth from whitening, crowns and bridges. Nothing compared to the top-notch. Dr. Gomes accommodated my schedule and gave me reasonable payment options that worked with my finances."


"Me encanta el buen trato, la profesionalidad y la amabilidad de todo el staff, soy de Republica Dominicana y voy a atenderme a Parkway Dental"

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