Inlays and Onlays

Do you have old fillings that you would like to get replaced? Maybe you have metal fillings that you would like to substitute for resin or ceramic filings? Inlays act similarly than a filling as it is placed on the tooth as it sits inside the top edges of the tooth. An onlay is only different in the way that it covers more than just the cups of the teeth and covers a more extensive area.

These restorative procedures are used to repair teeth that have a low degree of decay or that are slightly cracked or fractured. The damage is not as extensive as to needing a crown so inlays and onlays are another alternatives.

The benefits are that they are very durable and don’t need replacing often, in fact they can last over 20 years if treated carefully. They also strengthen the teeth and can protect your teeth from needing dental treatment as they become stronger.

This is what you can expect from this treatment:

  1. The doctor will examine your mouth thoroughly, paying extra attention to the teeth that have old or existing fillings.
  2. Once they are removed your teeth will be cleaned and prepared for an impression with a mold.
  3. The new only or inlay that has been created at the laboratory using porcelain or composite resin will be then cemented onto your teeth.
  4. The tooth will then be polished and molded so that there are no rough edges and it looks natural and uniform to your other teeth.

Although it is a quick procedure, it will take two appointments to finish the treatment, one for the mold and another one for the inlays and onlays to be placed on your teeth. Both procedures are very similar and your doctor here at Parkway Dental will determine which of the procedures you will need.

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