Crowns and Bridges

Here at Parkway Dental we offer a wide range of services to our patients to be able to treat and prevent dental diseases; however, we also know how important it is to have a beautiful bright smile, so we offer many teeth restoration treatments. We offer porcelain and ceramic crowns and bridges, which are all metal-free. For more immediate solutions we also offer same-day crowns using a CEREC machine that scans and mills the crown which means you spend less time in the chair!

Crowns and bridges are usually recommended when wanting to restore and repair teeth that have been severely damaged and need replacing. We know accidents happen, and sometimes when there are fractured or fissured teeth, they might be hard to save and repair.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are placed on top of the damaged tooth to act as a cap that serves to fix the shape, size or appearance of the tooth when it has suffered a crack. The "caps" can be made from different types of material, however, here at Parkway Dental, we believe in using the best materials that won’t harm or cause long term damage to our patients.

In the past, different metals were used to create crowns such as gold and silver. However, recent studies have proven that because these metals don’t completely attach to the tooth, there are spaces where bacteria can grow and cause great damage in the long run. Also, through the years, the body absorbs the metal and can cause problems to your health. That is why we stay away from those materials and opt for porcelain and composite resins, which are materials that bond nicely to your teeth and look more natural as it matches the color of your teeth. Crowns will not only strengthen your teeth they will also restore your smile and can last decades if you take care of them.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be the solution you are looking for if you are missing a few teeth. They are called bridges because it literally bridges the gap between your natural teeth and the missing teeth. They are made up of two crowns attached to adjacent teeth that act as anchors or “pillars” that hold the bridge, which in turn holds the replacement teeth.

When not treated, spaces in between teeth can cause the other teeth to shift into their place and result in a misaligned bite which can cause further damage.

The benefit of having crowns and bridges is that it will strengthen a tooth that has been damaged, but they can also improve the appearance of a tooth and help fix the shape and overall look to improve the alignment of your teeth.

Dental bridges and implants are prosthetic devices that can dramatically improve the look of your smile and help fix damaged teeth. Don’t let this get in the way of getting the smile you deserve. If you want to know more about bridges and crowns, call us at (203) 248-0011, or come visit us at 1869 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06514, we would love to take care of all your dental needs.

Our Happy Customers

"The Parkway Dental team is fantastic! They made my experience with them easy and worry free, their office is clean and aesthetically pleasing. The front desk ladies were not only gorgeous but very accommodating. Dr. Gomes is a wonderful dentist! I have worked as a dental assistant for years and find trusting dentists difficult because of this. However, Dr. Gomes is a Dentist I trust completely! BONUS Hablan espanol!! Genial!"


"I've known Dr Gomes for 10 yrs, very experienced, nice and honest doctor. I have had everything done to my teeth from whitening, crowns and bridges. Nothing compared to the top-notch. Dr. Gomes accommodated my schedule and gave me reasonable payment options that worked with my finances."


"Me encanta el buen trato, la profesionalidad y la amabilidad de todo el staff, soy de Republica Dominicana y voy a atenderme a Parkway Dental"

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